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Superb materials and elegant finishing

3-D-Royal Maple

CW Quality.  
Solid Maple Frame with Matching Maple Fascia, Brushed Stainless Steel Insert Handles, Aluminum Track and Ultrglide Channel.

Available with 1" or 1 1/2"Bevel All.
1 1/2" Bevel by Special Qoutation.

Available in 24 Standard Sizes and 1 Standard Finishes, Clear Lacquer.

Available in Custom Sizes.
(Additional Cost)

It is imoposible to guarentee an exact match in finish between two pieces of wood, even though identical finishing processes are applied.

NOTE: Track and channel as well as mirror facia for all Special Order doors comes standard length and will not be custom cut to the size ordered. This is due to out-of-square opening conditions and measurement errors. Customer will need to "trim to fit" at time of installation.

Royal Maple is a Trade Mark of Contractors Wardrobe.

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